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360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
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360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode
360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode
360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode 360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

Large Image :  360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GELON
Certification: CE
Model Number: GN-S360
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 58000 / SET
Packaging Details: Wood frame
Delivery Time: 30~45 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 set/ month

360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode

Basic Material Thickness: 1.Aluminum Foil: 0.010-0.030mm, Copper Foil:0.006~0.030mm Basic Material Width: Aluminum Foil:100-320mm, Copper Foil: 100-320mm
The Max. Thickness Of Wet Coating: 8—400um(Viscosity Of The Slurry Be Allowed) The Max. Coating Width: 300mm, The Max. Coating Roll Width:360mm
He Mechanical Tape Speed: 0.5-7m/min The Coating Speed: 0.1-1.0m/min (different From The Slurry Material Thickness
Drying Oven Length: 1 Part Dry Oven * 1.0m/part=1.0m Coating Speed: 0.5 M/min
High Light:

Slot Die Head Coating Machine


Lithium Ion Battery Electrode


360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine


360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode



360 Slot Die Head Coating Machine Lithium Ion Battery Electrode 0



I. Equipment parameters


  • Basic material thickness: Aluminum foil: 0.010-0.030mm,

Copper foil:0.006~0.030mm

2. Basic material width: Aluminum foil:100-320mm, copper foil: 100-320mm

3.The max. thickness of wet coating:8—400um(Viscosity of the slurry be allowed)

4.The Max. coating width:300mm, the max. coating roll width:360mm

5.The mechanical tape speed:0.5-7m/min

6.The coating speed:0.1-1.0m/min (different from the slurry material thickness, viscosity(The speed is different according to the slurry. This parameter is only based on the 6m oven length and the coating requirements of the lithium battery, and a range is for reference.The coating of ultracapacitors is faster, and usually can be set to about 2M/min) .

7.Drying oven length: 1 part dry oven * 1.0m/part=1.0m


II. Equipment specification


  • Coating method: Slot die coating

Intermittent coating distance: 5—8000 mm±1 mm (adjustable according to battery specifications)

  • Coating precision:

2.1 dry thickness of the accuracy tolerance::single-side cathode:±2.5um, anode:±2.5um (cross-section measurement 4-5 points, vertical section measurement spacing is 100mm)

2.2 Coating the positive and negative alignment tolerance : <± 1.0mm

2.3 The average length tolerance:≤±1.0mm

2.4 The average width tolerance:≤±1.0mm

Remarked: The first and second indicators above should have the best effect when the slurry conditions (viscosity, particle size, uniformity, etc.) match the settings of the equipment parameters

  • Battery inner diameter:3 inch, Adopt the air expansion roller
  • Tension control: Coated floating roller tension PID control
  • Deviation correction control accuracy: ±0.01mm, deviation accuracy:±1mm
  • The operator operates the coating mechanism from the front
  • Dry Type:

A.Hot air drying, hot air circulation(upper supply air); or upper and lower supply air

B.Heating: electric heating 5.0 KW*1 part=5.0 KW


8. Oven length:1part*1.2m/part=1.2m

9. Oven material: Stainless steel

10. Oven temperature:Room temperature ~150℃,adjustable, temperature control accuracy <±5℃

III. Technological process

The electrode substrate placed on the unwinding device is automatically rectified and then enters the swing arm tension system. After adjusting the unwinding tension, it enters the coating head, and the electrode slurry is coated according to the setting program of the coating system. The coated wet electrode enters the oven to be dried by hot air. After drying, the tension of the electrode is adjusted by the tension system, while the winding speed is controlled to synchronize it with the coating speed. The electrode is automatically corrected by the correction system to keep it in the center position, and the winding device is used for winding.


IV. This coating production line includes the following parts of equipment

1.Unwinding structure (With automatic deviation correction structure)

This device is composed of servo unwinding, unwinding shaft with tension control, automatic correction system, etc. The coil is pulled out and enters the swing arm tension device after automatic correction. The device transfers the tension change during operation to the tension controller through the sensor, so as to achieve constant tension.

2. Coated floating roller tension structure

This mechanism is composed of rollers, position sensors, etc. The swing arm tension system absorbs the instantaneous changes in the storage space due to acceleration, deceleration, unwinding and start-up of the reel, and space fluctuations during the intermittent coating period, so as to minimize the impact on coating. The tension of the substrate is adjusted by the swing arm position, so that the substrate maintains a constant tension during the coating process, and the unwinding speed and the coating speed are controlled to be synchronized.

3.Coating structure

This machine is controlled by PLC and equipped with high-tech automation equipment of precision machinery and optical-mechanical-electrical integration. Slot die head, coating roller, drive motor, optical fiber sensor, precision bearing and high-performance pneumatic components. Among them, the drive motor, reducer, pneumatic control, the bearing of the coating roller adopts precision bearing, the man-machine interface, PLC, etc. constitute an intermittent coating system, and the coating program is designed according to the user's process size.

The coating method has two working modes: continuous coating and intermittent coating. Intermittent coating can separately set the coating length of the first side and the back side, and the intermittent interval. Each side can be set to two separate coating lengths. And intermittent distance in order to meet the special requirements of users. The set parameters can be continuously adjusted according to the battery specifications (single pulse) and the resolution accuracy is 0.01mm. After the back coating is automatically positioned by the optical fiber sensor to track the first side, the coating is carried out according to the parameters set on the back. The indexes of coating roller and back roller speed are set and displayed on the touch screen.

4.Dry System

The drying system is composed of heaters, fans, exhaust ducts and vents, insulation boxes, inspection doors, etc. The insulation box has a section of 1.2 meters in total. The inner and outer parts of the box are made of stainless steel. The box is a thermal insulation structure to prevent heat loss and safe operation. After the coated wet electrode enter the drying box, the box adopts the upper air drying method for high efficiency After drying, the dry air is heated by a fan and heated by a hot air heater, and then sent into the box, and blown evenly to the wet coating through the air holes, and the dried air is discharged to the outdoors by the exhaust fan.

5.Take-up structure

This device is composed of oven outlet, float roller tension mechanism, take-up drive device and take-up tension sensor system, etc., so that the pole piece maintains constant tension during coating (intermittent coating) and drying process, and controls the winding speed and coating The speed stays in sync.

6.Winding structure

This device is composed of servo motor, winding shaft, automatic correction system, etc. During the winding process, the device can make the winding shaft track the position of the electrode and keep the edges of the winding electrode neat.

7. Automatic coating drying control system

(1) Coating control system:This system is composed of PLC, servo motor, touch screen and optical fiber sensor. The touch screen is used as a man-machine interface, with a friendly screen, intuitive display and convenient operation.During the coating process of the machine, the linear speed of the coating roller, the coating speed, and the number of coating sheets are automatically displayed on the touch screen, and the set parameters can be finely revised at any time according to the requirements of the production process.(2) Temperature and control:This system is composed of a temperature regulator, thermocouple, heater, relay, etc., which measures and automatically controls the internal temperature of each section of the drying oven.


Select several representative battery specifications for coating and interval length setting data acceptance

Power Supper 380V 50HZ 6KW Compressed air:0.5-0.7Mpa

VI Appearance



Full Automatic Coating Machine Main Configuration


The machine control system and structure system is a highly integrated closed-loop control system, the main configuration is as follows:




No. Item Details Content
1 rack construction   The integrated vertical board structure, opposite holding processing, plus precision positioning pins, to ensure position accuracy and stability
2 Un-winding parts deviation correction form Photoelectric patrol, motor drive, overall movement correction
Correction stroke ±50mm
Unwinding type motor active unwinding
Rolling way 3 inch Air shaft
Max.Diameter φ300
3 Coater roller Size φ210*360
Material Carbon steel, chrome plated
Drive type Servo motor + reducer
4 Coating type Slot die head Effective width 300mm, material: stainless steel plated carbide
slot die head position control system Cylinder push, mechanical adjustment, precision adjustment mechanism
Squeeze head membrane tibial pressure High precision pressure gauge 0-1mpa
5 Feeding system Screw pump HEISHIN Servo control feeding
Transfer tank 5L,Constant temperature control, liquid level control, pneumatic stirring, filter
Coating valve Pneumatic single valve
Pipeline system Sanitary piping system
6 Tension control system structure type Swing arm tension, low friction cylinder
Control type Speed PID control
Tension(N) 30-80N
7 Guide Rollers   Aluminum alloy roller, hard oxidation, width 340mm
8 operating deck Touch screen Press the function interface to operate
button Some functions are the same as key operation



I. Automatic control of front and rear tension:

1. Fully integrated Omron system;

2. Unwinding structure;

3.Winding structure;

4. Motor unwinding


II. Front and rear automatic correction system:

1, Correction controller: SYD correction system;

2, Detection head: photoelectric detection

III. The main control system:

  • Operation interface: touch screen;
  • coating shaft and steel roller: Omron servo motor;
  • Slot die head: driven by cylinder;
  • Program controller: Omron NX bus PLC and control module;
  • Heating tube: domestic;
  • Temperature control probe: thermocouple.

IV. Oven:

  • Material inside & outside the box: stainless steel:(Outside 2mm,Inside 1mm)
  • Box insulation: thickness of insulation layer 100mm;
  • Blower domestic
  • Air duct: stainless steel;
  • Frame: carbon steel parts + paint

V. Equipment head and unwinding integrated parts, tail and receiving parts

  • Workbench: nickel-plated on the surface;
  • plummer block housing:nickel plated on the surface;
  • Coating roller: carbon steel, chrome-plated on the surface;
  • Pressure roller: corrosion-resistant rubber;
  • Aluminum Roller: Aluminum Alloy(Hard anodized surface)
  • Air shaft: Chrome-faced

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