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Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment

China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
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Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment

Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment
Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment

Large Image :  Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GELON
Certification: CE
Model Number: GN-WS21
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 110,000
Packaging Details: Woodframe
Delivery Time: 30~45 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 set / month

Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment

Power Supply: Single Phase AC220V ± 10% 50Hz Air Supply: 0.5-0.7mpa (when The Air Supply Is 0.5MPa, The Required Flow Is 300NL / Min)
Working Temperature: 0-55 ℃ Use Environment: No Corrosive Gas Or Combustible Environment, And No Harsh Environment Of Dust
Dimension: 2850 X 2050 X 1800mm (Customized) Color: Silver (Customized)
Weight: About 3000kg (≤ 750KG / M2) Power: 12KW
Noise: ≤ 75db (excluding Dust Suction Fan)

Auto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production EquipmentAuto Winding Machine Project Battery Assembly Production Equipment 0


I. Introduction



1. Full cam control is adopted for the pulling and pushing needle and reversing. The equipment is stable, with high efficiency and low failure rate.

2. The electrode adopts three-way deviation correction control: unwinding , process and pre-winding to ensure product quality.


The equipment winds the positive and negative electrode pieces and diaphragms of lithium-ion battery elements around the battery cells after passing through mechanisms such as dust removal, tension control, quality inspection, length measurement, traveling deviation correction, static electricity elimination, etc; After the completion of the production of the cell, the short-circuit test, defective discharge and transmission from the conveyor belt.





  Roller Width(mm) Thickness(μm) Length (mm) Material OD Max.(mm) Material ID (mm)
Cathode 1 40-70 80-180 700-1500 Φ450 Φ76.2
Anode 1 40-70 80-180 700-1500 Φ450 Φ76.2
separator 2 40-70 12-35   Φ300 Φ76.2
Strapping tape 1 25-65 20-60   Φ200 Φ76.2

1. Winding method:


A. 3 position winding with 3 winding needles.

B. Needle diameter Ø 3.5 (or customized (Ø 3.5 - Ø 8.0))

C. Winding diameter: Φ 18 - Φ 23mm (applicable to 18650, 21700, etc.)

D. Number of tabs: 1-2 for both cathode and anode, or all tabs

E. Exposed Tabs length: 8-25mm


2.Winding accuracy

A. Alignment of cathode and anode : ± 0.3mm

B. Alignment between electrode and separator: ± 0.3mm

Note: cathode and anode are corrected 3 times respectively (unwinding correction, process correction and pre-winding correction)

C.Alignment of two layers of separator: ± 0.5mm


3.Winding capacity

1. Production capacity


Production speed : ≥ 20 ppm within 1200mm long Anode; (21700 cells)

Crop mobilization rate ≥ 95%


mobilization rate = {total production / (startup time - necessary deduction time) × Theoretical production speed of equipment} × 100%, necessary deduction time: downtime caused by non equipment reasons, such as production preparation time for refueling and belt connection.


2. Qualification rate ≥ 98%


Qualification rate = total number of good products / (total production - necessary deduction) × 100%(except for poor materials)


It is necessary to deduct the quantity of defective products caused by non equipment factors, such as poor tape connection, out of tolerance of foil length, defective missing tabs, etc.


Tension of cathode and anode : 20N adjustable (settable)

Diaphragm tension: 10N adjustable (settable)


III.Equipment structure:

1. Electrode and separator unwinding mechanism

A. The unwinding rack is of double support cantilever structure.

B. AC servo motor is used for center drive, active unwinding and automatic deviation correction mechanism.

C. Pneumatically tighten the feeding shaft.


2. Passing roller

A. Function: used as a transition mechanism in the winding process of cathode and anode and separator

B. Mechanism configuration: composed of aluminum roller, bearing, roller shaft, etc


3. Electrode cutting mechanism

A. The electrode and separtor are designed with moving cutters.

B. The whole cutter adopts independent module, which is convenient for disassembly, adjustment and maintenance

C. Cutter life: ≥ 300000 times

D. Dust removal mechanism is set at the cutter

E. The man-machine interface has the display window of the No. of setting and actual usage times.


4. Separator cutting mechanism

A. Saw blade cold cutting separator

B. Cutter life: ≥ 300000 times


5. Winding control

The part adopts a 3 needle 3 station operation mode, the cam pulls the needle, and the rotating needle is driven by an AC servo motor,the angular position and linear speed can be automatically controlled in closed loop. The reversing mechanism is driven by a divider, and the reversing is stable.


6. Deviation correction control


It is composed of electrode and separator unwinding deviation correction, electrode's process deviation and pre winding deviation correction.


The deviation correction mechanism is composed of a detection element and an actuator. The photoelectric sensor is used to detect the reference edge of the electrode to determine whether the electrode is offset, and the deviation correction roller is controlled to swing back and forth or move to correct the deviation. The error correction status is displayed on the man-machine interface.


A. Unwinding deviation correction: the unwinding material shaft (material coil synchronization) and the deviation correction swing rod are used for synchronous overall deviation correction to ensure that the position of the unwinding electrode and separator is stable and within the allowable range.


B. Process deviation correction: at the position before feeding, the deviation correction roller swings back and forth to further ensure the accuracy of the electrode to the feeding position.


C. Correction before winding: under the electrode cutter, before winding (very close to the winding needle). Ensure that the alignment of the rolled out cell is within the range when the electrode enters the cell


7. Foil connection detection

The foil connection identification shall be pasted with an opaque tape color label (red is recommended) on the electrode. It is detected by the color code sensor and discharged as a single roll of defective electrode. The manual labeling is consistent with the machine labeling, so as to detect the stability of the tape connection.


8. Length measuring wheel mechanism

Measuring unit electrode length


9. Short circuit test

The equipment has the function of cell short-circuit test (HI-pot test), and the short-circuit defects are discharged to the defective product box separately


10. Control system

PLC, servo and optical fiber adopt bus mode, with stable operation and convenient change.


11. Operation interface

A. English operation interface

B. The equipment parameters will be adjusted by changing the model size adjustment items and efficiency, tension, sensor correction, etc. the equipment can store 9 sets of model process setting parameters

C. The total number of production, the number of good products and the number of defective products can be recorded


12. Electrostatic prevention and dust removal


A. The cathode and anode have separate sections.

B. The electrode is equipped with a dust removal mechanism, and the dust on both sides of the electrode is removed by brush cleaning and negative pressure suction

C. The electrode cutting part is provided with a dust collecting device

D. The separator is provided with a static electricity removing device protection


A. Hardware and wiring can be more partitioned, strong and weak current can be separated, and short-circuit overload, leakage and fault protection can be provided protective function


B. The winding and cutting positions are provided with safety warning signs, and the separator cutter and finishing rubber cutter are provided with safety warning signs


C. Equipment communication and operation authority


There is no password for equipment operation and process parameters, and password protection is provided for motor, servo and origin configuration parameters




IV. Equipment installation and commissioning


1. Power supply: single phase AC220V ± 10% 50Hz


2. Air supply: 0.5-0.7mpa (when the air supply is 0.5MPa,

the required flow is 300NL / min)


3. Use environment (according to JISB3502)

A.Working temperature: 0-55 ℃

B. In the drying room, there must be no corrosive gas or combustible environment, and no harsh environment of dust


4. Dimension: 2850 X 2050 X 1800mm (Customized)


5. Color: silver (Customized)


6. Weight: About 3000kg (≤ 750KG / m2).


7. Power: 12KW


8.Noise: ≤ 75db (excluding dust suction fan)

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