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Battery Equipment Manufacturers GELON 2L 5L 10L mixer High speed Cathode anode Slurry

China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
China Shandong Gelon Lib Co., Ltd certification
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Battery Equipment Manufacturers GELON 2L 5L 10L mixer High speed Cathode anode Slurry

Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry
Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry

Large Image :  Battery Equipment Manufacturers GELON 2L 5L 10L mixer High speed Cathode anode Slurry

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GELON
Certification: CE
Model Number: GN-PM-5L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 18500 ~ 26750 / set
Packaging Details: Standard plywood frame
Delivery Time: 30~45 day
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 50 set / month

Battery Equipment Manufacturers GELON 2L 5L 10L mixer High speed Cathode anode Slurry

Vacuum Degree: -0.098MPa Structure: Single Arm Type
Rotation Speed R/min: 0~51r/min Slow Shaft: 2 Shafts With Twist Type Stirrer
Fast Shaft: Double Fast Shaft With Two Sets Φ50 Dispersion Disk Lifting Height: 210mm
Electric Power: AC:3phase*380V、50Hz; Dimension: L1350*W800*H1550(mm)
Weight: About 570kg Lifting Mode: Liner Guide Rail Vessel Motor-driven Lifting



Battery Equipment Manufacturers  GELON  2L 5L 10L mixer  High speed Cathode anode Slurry 0


Our double planetary dispersing power mixer has combined the theories of the traditional double planetary mixer and high speed dispersing mixer, to create a new, high-efficient machine, at present it is widely used in new energy fields.

As per the character of Lithium-ion power cells and electronics capacity, we developed new reinforced machinery applied to the dry powder process for making Lithium power positive&negative electrode slurry , based on the traditional planetary mixers and dispersing power mixers, with high rotation speeds and larger torque. During the design, our company fully considered factors such as the rotational speed of stirrers, mixing power, linear dispersion speed, high viscosity slurry resistance reduced by reasonable twist stirrer shape, and distribution of turbulence intensity inside of the vessel to create the more efficient and more stable double planetary power mixer and the reinforced twist stirrers can deal with high viscosity battery slurry. The stirrer characters for the power mixer is that - the revolution and rotation of twist stirrer is clockwise -meanwhile rotation for high speed dispersing is anticlockwise,whose speed is adjustable to make the materials move complicatedly under shearing,kneading and dispersing,effectively eliminates all dead point and climbing phenomena during mixing. Three sets of mechanical seals, coupled together with soft and silence sealing to make sure reliable seal performance. On materials temperature control, it’s used with unique thermoscope technology-planetary frame and thermoscope rod for revolution. Pt100 temperature measurement sensors have direct contact with material, greatly increasing accuracy of temperature measurement, response is much faster, error is reduced to only ±0.2℃.

The machine is comprised of the base, crossbeam, upright column , sealing cover ,vessel, transmission system and electronic control system.


2. Main Technical Configuration

No. Name Model and Specification Place of Origin
1 Decelerator BLD11-23-1.5kW-4P Jianglang
2 Motor Low speed 1.5Kw-4P,1 unit;High speed 1.5Kw-2P,1 unit WANNAN
3 Alluminum alloy metal turbo gear box NMRV040-F1-15(4P-0.25KW)(with motor) LITIAN
4 Frequency Inverter 1.5Kw×1 unit;1.5Kw×1 unit Danfoss-DENMARK
5 Thermocouple Pt100(high precision temperature measurement) HTC
6 Bearing As per drawing FAG
7 Skeleton Oil Seal Fluorine rubber Skeleton oil seal NOK
8 Electric component Low-voltage electric components Siemens
9 Valve As per drawing Ennis
10 Mechanical seal Two sets mechanical sealing Japan
11 Gear

Hardening treatment for gear surface, precise ground

finish,with helical gear transmission

12 Lubrication Grease High-speed bearing special grease 400 degree “Best” Brand

3.Main Technical Parameter

1 Vacuum Degree -0.098MPa
2 Structure Single arm type
3 Rotation Speed r/min

Revolution:0~51r/min,Rotation:0~102r/min(Frequency-converting 0~50Hz);

High speed:0~8800r/min(Frequency-converting 0~70Hz);

4 Slow Shaft 2 shafts with Twist type Stirrer;
5 Fast shaft Double fast shaft with two sets Φ50 dispersion disk
6 Lifting mode Liner guide rail vessel motor-driven lifting
7 Lifting height 210mm
8 Location of vessel There are four pieces of curve shape position plate at the front and rear for fixture,with convex verge structure , to make sure the center position
9 Noise Measured outside 1M of the equipment, noise ≤80dB
10 Mode of Temperature Measurement Temperature testing head touches the material,1/3 far away from the vessel bottom, revotion motion,inner sets electric transfer device
11 Electric power AC:3phase*380V,50Hz;
12 Dimension L1350W800H1550(mm);
13 Weight Abt 570kg


Inner and outer surface will be polished brightly with automatic polisher after

vessel processed. Vessel body and bottom are equipped with water cooling circle channels. The vessel body guide plate matches the jacket wall seamlessly after

lathe processing. The vessel bottom has jacket and guide fluid slats. Water cooling inlet and outlet DN25 with quick-connector 2sets,outlet DN50 ball valve 1 set, barrel body with 1 set,lock arm 2 sets.

A,Vessel structure

1 Dimension (inner diameter by inner height) Φ250×160mm
2 Design Capacity(L) 7.85L
3 Design pressure(MPa) inside of vessel -0.098Mpa, Jacket 0.4Mpa;
4 Design Temperature(°C) -10~200;
5 Main Material 304 stainless steel;
6 Thickness of shell(mm) Inner shellδ4mm(actual measurement thickness after machining),Jacketδ3mm;
7 Temperature adjusting Mode Water cooling jacket,inlet and outlet nozzle size:DN15;
8 Discharge mode DN20 Ball valve
9 Moving mode Carried by hand
10 Qty 1 pcs

B,Vessel up and down

1 Vessel lift power:0.25w
2 Lifting guide is liner guide rail:2 pcs,20x400 with double slider.

C,Vessel body position fixed

1 Vessel lift bracket has four position fixtures,fixed after getting into place.

5.Vessel nozzle

s/n Usage Spec. QTY NOTES
1 Powder filling nozzle DN60 1 DN60 filling port
2 Sight glass DN50 2 LED sight glass
3 Vacuum DN10 1 Quick open type
4 Ventilation DN10 1 Quick open type
5 Vacuum meter M14×1.5 1 Vacuum meter

6.Main material

s/n Name Material   s/n Name Material
1 Upper barrel 304   4 Mixing shaft,dispersing shaft 321
2 Down barrel 304   5 Mixing blade,dispersing blade 316
3 Jacket 304   6 frame,basement Q235

7.Mixing shaft and blade

1 Twist frame stirrer:2 set,rotation speed:0-102rpm,stirrer will be forged to shape a whole one,four shafts connecting, CNC after polishing to mirror Ra0.025;
2 Dispersing shaft:2set,rotation speed: 0-8800rpm,bearing German: FAG,adopting puzzle seal,2 pcs of Φ50 disks on each shaft, linear speed :0-23m/s;
3 shaft and stirrer:surface is polished,disks are set balanced treatment as G6.3.Distance between stirrer and the bottom of the barrel is 2-3mm,distance between stirrer and the wall of the vessel is 2-3mm,distance between two stirrers is 2-3mm;
4 shaft seal:mechanical seal structure
5 Planetary cabinet:adopting helical gear transmission, synchrony belt is made of USA brand Gates.

Remark:1,set special safety lock oil cylinder,prevent the vessel from dropping in order to maintain the vacuum;

2,set the whole basement as the dismantled,easy to repair and replace the synchrony belt


8.Vacuum system(automatically)


1 display meter, ball valve;
2 shaft mechanical seal: alloy metal
3 Up and down vessel is EPDM seal,static position is O shape EPDM seal,vacuum degree can reach -0.098MPa(without vacuum pump);

9. Electric components


Electric cabinet 1pcs:

l One set high speed dispersing running control(including start/stop,speed up/slow down);

l One set of dispersing speed testing system,a speed meter;

l One set ofrevolution mixing control system(including start/stop,speed up/slow down);

l One set of revolution speed test system,one speed meter;

l One set of temperature testing system;

l Running time calculator ,valid/unvalid button for the time ,1 pcs per each

l One set of vacuum pump control button(including start/stop);

l One set of spot light button(including start/stop)

l Emergency button,1 pcs;power indicator light,1 pcs, fault 1 pcs


1,Running electric voltage 380V/50Hz/3 phase,control electric voltage 24VDC;

2,Connector,air switch,breaker etc are Seimens;

3,Middle relay:Japan IDEC;

4,Low speed motor,high speed motor are VFD start;

5,All appliance components such as:motor,inductor,solenoid valve,limit switch protection grade are not less than IP54



10.Safety inter-lock system

1 Machine stops once pressing the emergency button, which can’t be proceeded any operation
2 Dispersing shaft rotates after the vessel rises
3 Dispersing shaft stops after the vessel gets down
4 It stops when the electric current is over the scope
5 Mixer, electric cabinet and control panel should be electrical grounding

11.Spare part

s/n Name Spec. Material QTY Remark
1 Vessel seal T shape seal L=650 EPDM 1  


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